Transformational Coaching

Counselling & Psychotherapy In Greater Manchester & across the UK via Zoom or Telephone


Close the gap between where you are today – and where you want to be. My way of coaching is to empower you in becoming the person you want to be.
Learn how to turn your negative thoughts into positive ones, improve your mindset, mood, attitude, create more balance and live a more fulfilling life.

You are now on the path to unlocking your most extraordinary life. Together we can achieve and do anything!

My coaching packages focus on thriving from within and will take you through a journey of change and empowerment. We can rapidly heal, dive deep into transformation, achieve sustainable results, often described as effortless and pain-free.

Together we will identify your intentions and develop an actionable plan to help you achieve them. You can learn more about me and my experience here. I will guide you through a journey of change, releasing blocks without spending hours reliving the story, healing the past, freeing you from the old. Together we’ll work on your core beliefs and set you up mentally and emotionally for more love, freedom, success, joy and happiness, connecting you with your most thriving path.

My Coaching Packages

Power Hour

In your 1-hour, 1:1, private Power Coaching Session with me, we’ll address a specific emotion, thought, habit or belief that is holding you back, so you can get moving again instantly.

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Career Coaching

Are you stuck in an unfulfilling job? Are you worried your in the wrong career? Are you working so hard that you have no time for yourself or family? Or would you like to create more work, life balance?

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3 Month Coaching Package

This package is designed to empower those who want to enjoy sensational relationships, increase their self love, confidence, mental and emotional well being and live their best life. Can you dedicate yourself for 3 months?

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Mt Areas Of Expersice

  • Mindset, confidence, motivation, self-worth and self-esteem

  • Self-care and self-love

  • Managing low mood, blame, anger, upsets, frustration and stress

  • Phobias, bad habits, anxiety, PTSD, depression and fatigue

  • Parenting

  • Optimal health – making positive health changes from quitting smoking, weight loss to mindful eating

  • Relationships with ourselves & others

  • Living your purpose

  • Career change and business ventures

  • Managing grief, trauma, fear, loss, sadness and change

I have just finished he 3 month coaching package with Sue, What I have learnt from the experience is nothing short of miraculous. She really does not push you into being a new person but allows you to discover what you always have inside of you. I really can not recommended this course enough and for the price anyone can do it. I did not have a clue where I wanted to be in my life. I know have a clear direction and know exactly what I want and more importantly, how to get there!


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