Charities – Businesses – Families – Community

Often a consultation will be a short term engagement on one specific topic. Consultants work with individuals, families, groups, and organisations. Occasionally teaching or training will be part of the engagement. Counselling is the process that focuses on the relief of distress.

The counselling consultation process happens when a counsellor either observes or acts as a facilitator to provide infomation. 

Consultancy For Charities

I offer consultancy services to children’s charities and educational establishments, offering my skills, knowledge and experience to the service users as well as the staff. This might involve group or one-to-one sessions that enable both groups of people to cope better with the situations they encounter.

Consultancy For Families

I have worked with children and young people with addictions, mental health, loss and bereavement. I also work with children and young people dealing with a family member with such a problem an alcoholic or abusive parent for example, or a family member with a serious illness. Children often find it difficult to cope with such situations and really do need some help. Family therapy (or mediation) is also offered as a means of helping to build important communications bridges. I work with families in their totality, or with parents, teaching parenting skills that enable the management of effective communication within the family.

Consultancy in the Community

I also offer training in community centres, colleges, universities, health promotion organisations and schools. Training is offered as workshops and short courses in self awareness, assertiveness, stress & anxiety management, effective communication and listening skills, and counselling skills.

Consultancy for Business

I offer a range of consultancy services to businesses large and small. From leadership skills workshops for managers and teams to advice on changing company culture, from learning to deal with stressed employees to working effectively in a team environment, business owners, directors and managers can reap significant benefits from working with a consultant such as myself.