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Counselling & Psychotherapy in Greater Manchester & across the UK via Zoom or Telephone

"Understanding why people suffer, how they change, and how to help them live more satisfying and gratifying lives is a fascinating, huge, and important undertaking."

What can counselling do?

Hello. My name is Susan Light and I am a qualified counsellor, psychotherapist, Consultant and Trainer. For the last twenty four years, I have gained experience in working with individuals, couples and families. I work with people of all ages from various backgrounds and cultures. I qualified as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist in 1993, via Manchester University. Since then I have undertaken an extensive range of post graduate study.

How can Counselling & Psychotherapy get me there?

In the twenty four years I have worked as a counsellor, psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, I have encountered such a rich variety of clients, making my work both very interesting and extremely rewarding. For example, I have worked with people who have experienced trauma i.e. been involved in a serious accident, been bereaved, witnessed a traumatic event or been abused; those going through a relationship breakdown or suffering from workplace stress; people with drug, alcohol or other addictions; people who are seriously ill, or are caring for a loved one who is ill.

"I found my sessions with Sue invaluable, at a difficult time of my life and career. Sue has a sophisticated way of allowing her clients to find their own ways to the core of their troubles."
Laura Baker
After a few sessions I found the tools and processes I had learnt to be extremely valuable, and now I see this as nothing short of life changing. I’m now very engaged with my feelings.
Mark Ficher

Areas Of Expertise

Relationship & Couples Counselling

During relationship/couples therapy, I will engage in a faciliative way to help and support both parties to interact and communicate differently with each other, to bring about positive change in the relationship.

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Help & Support With IVF

I approach every IVF process holistically, meaning we focus on both body and mind to maximise your own chances of success. IVF can be an extremely stressful process, and when going through the treatment many clients experience a wide range of emotions.

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Transformational Coaching

Close the gap between where you are today – and where you want to be. Learn how to turn your negative thoughts into positive ones, improve your mindset, mood, attitude, create more balance and live a more fulfilling life. Unlock your true potential.

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In my work I use a wide variety of different counselling and psychotherapy and hypnotherapy techniques, but I prefer not to baffle my clients with jargon. At the end of the day, I find that clients aren’t really bothered whether I use therapy A or technique B, they just want to know that I can help them. And I can.