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 struggling with a lack of confidence &
low self-esteem?

When you are in a cycle of self-doubt and being constantly self-critical, Counselling for Low Self-Esteem can help you by challenging the negative view of yourself, helping you to form a more positive, confident self-image.

What is self-esteem?

Self-esteem is connected to self-confidence, how confident are you in regards to our self-worth?  How much do you respect yourself? & How much do you value our own abilities & strengths?

What is Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is a term that therapists use to explain the psychological condition of those people  who feel unable to acknowledge their accomplishments, who feel as though they are a fraud, ‘not good enough’ or that they are ‘being given credit for something they don’t feel they deserve’. Counselling for Imposter Syndrome seeks to look at why they are unable to accept their ‘skills’, ‘talents’ or ‘worth’ and seeks to build up self-worth and self-belief.

The anxiety that you will one day be ‘found out’ or exposed is a constant presence in your life. This syndrome can also be known as ‘imposter phenomenon’ or ‘fraud syndrome’.

Often the feeling of being an ‘imposter’ or ‘waiting to be found out’ is work or career related and is often associated with high achieving individuals, but this is not always the case, indeed for many the feeling of being ‘unworthy’ or ‘undeserving’ of their personal life or good fortune is quite common.

How can counselling help me find my voice & give me more confidence?

Noticing and then challenging negative self-beliefs can have a very positive impact when working with low self-esteem and low confidence.

We cannot change events from the past, events that happen around us, or other people. However we can change our responses to these things .  The way that we think about them. As a result, we can challenge the way we feel about ourselves, and as a result how we treat ourselves. What are your self-beliefs? What are your triggers? How can you challenge your negative self-talk?

In learning these techniques together, we will develop the tools you need to achieve more confidence, and self-worth to experience a more positive lifestyle.

I had only three sessions with Sue due to my work commitments abroad. I brought a number of anxiety/ phobia issues to her and wasn't sure what to expect! Sue put me at ease immediately. She is extremely perceptive and attentive. She enabled me to make positive changes and helped me to recognise the triggers to my negative beliefs. I feel so confident and positive about my life now. I cannot recommend her enough.


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