Counselling & Training Services

Why Is Training So Important?


Offering counselling in the workplace is a very positive and beneficial thing for employers to do. There are many benefits to both employers and their staff, benefits that are emotional, physical and financial.

It is very unusual, however, for an employer to have a trained and qualified counsellor on hand all day every day. So what else can employers do to help their staff cope with the ups and downs of today’s workplace?

The answer lies in training.

I offer training to employees and managers, in groups or on a one-to-one basis, in skills such as Assertiveness, Anger Management, Stress Management, Team Building, Workshops, Emotional Resilience, Mental Resilience, and Conflict Resolution.

My training courses are designed to equip employees with the skills they need to survive and thrive in the workplace. And that means all employees.

Everyone can benefit from understanding how to interact with others, how to be part of a successful team and to manage the relationships within that team, how to cope when someone or something makes them angry or how to manage the factors that could cause them to become stressed. People equipped with these skills are valuable assets to an employer, as they are motivated people who go through their working day with a positive attitude and can cope with pretty much everything the day might throw at them.

My training courses can be structured to address particular issues within your own company, or to be a proactive approach to workplace harmony and productivity. I can provide full day courses or courses made up of several sessions run over a number of days, or even weeks. I can also provide refresher training sessions on a periodic basis.

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